Monday, 26 November 2012


My latest book celebrates the lives of two indomitable twin sisters from Selston in Nottinghamshire - Nora Langton and Marion Warner - who celebrated their 100th birthday on the    7th November 2012.

The new book traces their fascinating story through the previous one hundred years.  During my researches, it was heart warming and wonderful to bask in the affection that these two gentle ladies generated from all the lives they touched.

Marion, a devoted teacher and Nora, a conscientious Social worker, having led such fulfilling lives, were honoured, in November, with a special party commemorating their centenary.  

The church building where the celebration was held was packed to overflowing with friends and well wishers.     This in itself was a wonderful tribute to them.

 The book cost £2.00 + 60p p&p



Sunday, 23 September 2012

I have now ventured into the field of e-book publishing and my first e- book is available on Kindle.

The new book is called “Too Late to Hang”    See intro below

Sarah came from a fairly well-to-do family, inheriting money from her grandmother, Mrs Bomford, and on the marriage her husband received a settlement of £80.     With no money worries it should have been a happy marriage for the young couple.
But, this was not to be.
Within a short space of time, Sarah was arrested for murder and at her trial was sentenced to death by hanging on the steps of the Shire Hall in Nottingham.
On the fateful day and at the appointed time, the prison door remained firmly shut.   Consequently, Sarah was too late for her own execution!
This was a great human interest piece to research and a fascinating story to write up afterwards.   It is even more fascinating of course because all of it is true!



Monday, 30 April 2012

Tony Kelly has asked for a copy of my latest book “Odie the Terrible” and writes –
"I was with Joint Promotions for years and I was often on with Tubby, especially at Digbeth Civic Hal in Birmingham.     (Tubby of course was one of Odie's aliases.)
I am attaching a picture of myself and Haystacks and a scan of myself and Jim Breaks at Birmingham."

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Odie book Review in the Nottinghan Post

Glad to report that my book "Odie the Terrible and other aliases" is selling really well and is already into a third reprint.

There is a good review of the book "Odie the Terrible and other aliases" in the Nottingham Post issue of 20th April 2012.   Please follow the link     and search for "Vince Apollo"

I am tentatively considering putting together another book on the Selston twins Marion Warner and Nora Langton  who will be 100 years old  this November.     Memories and anecdotes concerning the twins would be welcomed.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Book Launch last weekend was a great success and I am having to reprint more copies of “Odie the Terrible” already.

Jean Severn, the widow of Wally Severn, attended the book launch with her brother and was very pleased with the book. Wally, of course, played Nathaniel to Odie’s Jonathon in the successful masked tag team wrestling partnership known as “The Undertakers.”

The cousin of Bob Abbott also attended the launch and she was very pleased with the way that her cousin was portrayed in the book. Bob, of course, also played Nathaniel following the death of Wally Severn. Jonathon was never unmasked – unlike Bob’s Nathaniel.

Councillor Tore Norman (left) buying the latest book from Brinsley author Ztan Zmith (right) at the book launch of “Odie the Terrible” held last Saturday 24th March in the church of Brinsley St James during the annual Spring Fair.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Odie the Terrible - new book out


My latest book “Odie the Terrible” was launched on Saturday 24th March 2012 at the Spring Fair held in St James Church, Brinsley.

The new book marks a departure from my usual format in two ways. Firstly it is about a Brinsley and Underwood man and the whole book is devoted to one fascinating individual.

 Odie the Terrible – and other aliases,” tells the story of a local miner who achieved fame as a wrestler on the local halls, especially Heanor Town Hall and at other venues throughout Britain – also on Television at the time of Kent Walton, Big Daddy, Jackie Pallo, Giant Haystacks and the other greats.

Odie, as Vince Apollo – one of his aliases, became the undefeated Heavyweight Wrestling champion of Europe and was the subject of a film depicting his life and fame.   This was a B movie touring the major cinemas supporting a John Wayne and Kirk Douglas blockbuster film called “The War Wagon.”

As one half of “The Undertakers” – which was a masked tag team that delighted in taunting the crowd - he was never unmasked and he met celebrities of the day such as Russ Hamilton, Mike and Bernie Winters, Frank Carson, Bing Crosby, Kris Kristofferson and others.

He also met the late, great Jimmy Saville and grappled him for real in the wrestling ring!

Odie the Terrible – and other aliases”, contains much humour and insight into the life of a travelling wrestler.

The book is available at £1.99 per copy (plus 50p p&p if applicable) from me, Ztan Zmith direct phone - 01773 783009 or e-mail

Copies of the book are available from  -
Stan Smith, 44 Cherry Tree Close, Brinsley, Nottingham NG16 5BA.   Or from the Nottinghamshire Post Offices of Brinsley or Underwood. 

Cheques should be made payable to “Stan Smith” please.  Alternatively payment may be made via PayPal using the e-mail address

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