Monday, 26 November 2012


My latest book celebrates the lives of two indomitable twin sisters from Selston in Nottinghamshire - Nora Langton and Marion Warner - who celebrated their 100th birthday on the    7th November 2012.

The new book traces their fascinating story through the previous one hundred years.  During my researches, it was heart warming and wonderful to bask in the affection that these two gentle ladies generated from all the lives they touched.

Marion, a devoted teacher and Nora, a conscientious Social worker, having led such fulfilling lives, were honoured, in November, with a special party commemorating their centenary.  

The church building where the celebration was held was packed to overflowing with friends and well wishers.     This in itself was a wonderful tribute to them.

 The book cost £2.00 + 60p p&p