Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Eugene di Villa

A brand new book entitled "Eugene Di Villa", is being launched this coming Saturday, June 28th, at Underwood St Michael's Garden Party in the churchyard between 2pm and 5pm.
The proceeds of this book, which cost £2.00, will be donated to the Eugene Di Villa Memorial Fund. Copies available by e-mail : stan@powercomp.co.uk.

Eugene was born in London in 1931 - but under a different name. In 1959 he legally changed this, by Deed Poll, and from then onwards became Eugene Di Villa.
Through his grandmother he claimed connections with a European titled family and shared sketchy details of his life with his many friends.
Eugene died in December 2010 and was buried in St Michael’s Churchyard having expressed a fondness for Underwood during his life time. Today, more than three years later, his grave is grassed over and marked with a plain wooden cross bearing a handwritten inscription.
A group of friends, distressed by the sadness of this, have got together to try and raise funds for a proper memorial stone to mark the life of a local man who gave so much to Underwood and the surrounding area.
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