Thursday, 15 August 2013

BYSTANDER BULWELL - a brand new publication.
A brand new compilation from past articles about Bulwell, Nottingham, appearing in the Basford Bystander over the last twenty five years or so is now available.        For the contents, price and contact details -  see box below.

The articles, excellent in themselves, have not seen light of day for many, many years and are so good that, as editor of the Basford Bystander, I decided to make them more accessible and reissue them in this  new handy A5 format entitled BYSTANDER BULWELL.

Bystander Bulwell is a companion volume to the book Bystander Cream published recently.



The editor’s compilation of articles published in

back issues of the Basford Bystander   Articles Include :-


Living near Northern Bridge

Oakleigh Lodge
Sankey’s of Bulwell
Jimmy Rayner’s Portable Theatre
Bulwell’s Well
The Newstead Abbey
Barber to the War Office
King Billy
Dad and footballer Bertie Mee
The Workhouse

The Workhouse’s Dr Tancred

Bulwell’s Blacksmith
Bulwell Common Plane Crash
Bulwell Vicar Shooting
Albert Street
Mr Punch - Rag & Bone man
Tragic William Haslam
Fanny’s Big Bulwell Wedding
Commercial Road
Victorian Bulwell

If you would like a copy of this unique book by UK mail then please send a cheque payable to Basford Bystander   for £2.70 per book (inclusive UK postage)

 to 44 Cherry Tree Close, Brinsley, Nottingham NG16 5BA



A pdf copy can be e-mailed inland or world wide at a cost of £2.00 (sterling) per copy

via  e-mail at -    (PayPal accepted)

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