Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy new year to fellow bloggers

I am delighted to announce that my website has now been updated with my latest 2013 books.

 These books, all at £2.00 (sterling) each, with pdf versions available for e-mail, include:-
Brinsley – Top to Bottom” -  chapel folk and others
“Lively Folk” of Underwood Bagthorpe & Westwood

“Bystander Cream” – containing early articles on Basford from the Basford Bystander

“Bulwell Bystander”- containing early articles on Bulwell from the Basford Bystander

“The Green” – Part one of the reissue of the Hyson Green book which has been out of print for a few years.

Photo shows my wife Christine and I on our book stall at a recent event
I am now busy putting together the next book – this time it will be Brinsley book number 15!

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